Why get Checked

When was the last time you had a brain and nervous system check-up?getchecked1

Most people get their teeth and eyes checked regularly, have a general health check-up with their physician, but never have their brain and nervous system checked. Currently, it’s only standard to have these systems checked if you are suffering from seizures or have numbness or un-explained weakness. What about the multitude of symptoms that are indicators of a weakening brain and nervous system?

getchecked2Have you ever thought that you could have more energy, sleep better, or think clearer?

Early signs of a brain being out of balance are lowered energy levels, foggy thinking and poor sleep patterns. This can be linked to our four main brain wave patterns being out of sync. Beta for high alert, Alpha for quiet thoughts, Theta for deep meditation and Delta for deep sleep are all a part of proper brain function. Using EEG, we are able to understand your brain wave health and begin to correct it.

How concerned are you with keeping your brain healthy for the rest of your life?


When surveyed, middle age people were most concerned with losing their mental capacity as they aged – even more so than having enough savings to retire.

getchecked4Have you ever been told – “it’s in your head”?

Many times people are discounted by professional doctors when they tell you: “it’s all in your head”.


getchecked6Have you had any condition that has not fully resolved itself? There are two states for the body to be in: healing or survival - in other words, rest and digest, or fight or flight. Most of us are stuck in survival, due to long-term low-threshold stress.

getchecked7Have you been told its part of growing old? If it was then we would all be in the same condition at the same time. We know this is not the case. We have late 90 year old patients that still work and golf regularly.

Core ScoreWhy not? All our technology is non-invasive and a full checkup takes approximately 60 minutes with results available immediately. Please see the exam section for details on how we check your brain and nervous system health.