Our Process

Let us run this show and you will get the best from us. This is what we do to change communities and because its part of our mission we have tried to improve it each time we did it. What we learned is that people know what to do but knowing does not inspire change. That's where we come in.
Start by choosing your topic and then choose the level of customization. We do the rest.

Mild (0 - 20%) If you are interested in one of our workshops then we like to customize about 20% of the workshop to your company's core values. This process takes 2 weeks. We can be called for the next day if all you want is your logo.

Full Roast (up to 100%) Another option is total customization for your company. Our process here is 6 weeks. This can include a team to help elevate yours.

The Research: We learn about your company the way your customers do; with a search. Making notes, and with permission pictures and logos to have your team connect to the message.

The Interview: We personally call you to understand your goals and who of your company will we be inspiring.

A full customized workshop could include pictures of colleagues, and employee interviews to understand the health of your organization. Further we bring in outside experts to bridge any areas that we are not.

Options: Edited video copy, Get checked, prizes, lunch from Feshii, multiple Doctors, Video Exercises, and 90 day challenges.

When you are ready to rock your organizations health culture, or at least start one, email us at inspire_us@vitahealthclinic.com

Oh Yea, we also run workshops with The Toronto Schools.
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