Toronto Living

Featuring Dr. Scott Levine, Health and Fitness Correspondent.

Dr. Levine was the Health and Wellness correspondent for Toronto Living for 4 seasons. His focus was how you could get healthy in a fun way.

Neruo-stress and posture exam at Vita

Boxing Boot Camp
Therapooch by Dr. Scott Levine

Circus School
Capoera What to choose for a home gym.

Dynamic Conditioning Center P1
Dynamic Conditioning Center P2
Cooking Classes at Cephalon

Flirty Girl Fitness
Learning to Fence
Facial Acupuncture

Horseback Riding at Sunnybrook
Buying your home Gym
Gardening Tips

Indoor Golf
How to buy a bike
How to buy a bed

Summer Fitness
Kangoo jump classes
Juicing and how to buy a juicer

Massage here at Vita
Salsa Dancing
Sailing at TSCC

Passport to Prana
Interview with Dr. Jill Kelner, ND
Meet Market Adventures

Snowboarding at Earl Bales Park
Stott Pilates

Tour of Brick Works
Interview of Dr. Scott Levine
Thai Yoga Massage and MAT

Water Filtration Urban Polling Training at a Home Gym

Toronto Island Thermography The Yoga Show and Conference