KirkDr. Kirk Furlong


"My mission is to integrate chiropractic care into the community by providing an environment where learning, healing and support can flourish."
Dr. Kirk Furlong's passion for Chiropractic developed from the treatment he received for the numerous injuries he obtained over years of competitive sports. These experiences taught him that in order for patients to heal and improve function quickly they need comprehensive and customized treatment plans. Drawing from this sports and rehabilitation background, Dr. Furlong customizes his treatments to match the wants and needs of every patient.
With a holistic approach, Dr. Furlong will perform a thorough chiropractic and functional evaluation of your body, searching for any and all causes of physical, emotional and/or chemical stressors. He will utilize state of the art technology to assess the functionality of your nervous system and the balance of the body. Treatment then becomes an education on how your body should function; patients will receive the tools they need to regain normal living and achieve a quality of life beyond their expectations.
Dr. Kirk offers a variety of educational talks which work in a multitude of settings. He also makes time for regular volunteer work within the community. He has a keen interest in working with youth to improve and enjoy physical education through sport.
"Living in Toronto, our days can zoom by with little or no thought directed to how our bodies feel or are functioning. In reality, we depend on our body and can not work or play without them. Luckily we all have a choice to improve and optimize how our bodies work and feel. Let Dr. Furlong wake your body up.
Tuesday 3-7, Wednesday 8-1, Thursday 8-7, Friday 2-6, Saturday 9-1:30