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Why Kids?pediatric1

Start by asking yourself; how old should your first check-up be? At Vita we consider ourselves an integral part of your child's health team. Your Pediatrician and dentist have a focus, so do we, and it's on your child's brain and nervous system's health. Our doctors have many post-graduate courses that focuses on children. These include child appropriate adjustment techniques that require only eye ball pressure touch. We are well versed in first day exams, and communicating you our findings.

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As parents ourselves
we know what its like to make decisions for your child, to help you decide if we are right for your family come to one of our family focused talks. We are also happy to speak with you personally, contact us and book a complimentary call from one of Doctors.

We our proud that our clinic is for both of you.

My child doesn’t have back pain, so why should I take him/her to the chiropractor?

Kids have spines and nervous systems, just like adults do! The nervous system is the master controller of our body and if its communication lines become distorted or damaged, we experience all sorts of communication errors. In infants and children, this communication breakdown may play out as colic or irritability, an inability to suckle and breastfeed, poor sleeping habits, developmental delays, digestion issues, asthma, low energy, headaches, and many more. Regardless of what the end result or symptom may be, all roads inevitably lead back to the body’s ability to self-regulate through the nervous system. While chiropractic may be able to help with a number of health concerns, its focus is not on treating or curing ailments; the focus of chiropractic is to ensuring that your child’s nervous system has every opportunity to work efficiently and optimally.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe for children? Are there special adjustments used or are they the same that I get as an adult?

pediatric2Chiropractic is one of the safest forms of health care for your child and consistently maintains an excellent safety record. A chiropractor will not adjust a baby or child in the same way he or she will adjust an adult. An infant’s spine is very supple during the first few months of life, so the doctor of chiropractic will apply only slight pressure to make an adjustment – similar to the amount of pressure you may use to hold a pen, or to feel the ripeness of a tomato. For older children whose spines are still made predominantly of cartilage, slight pressure followed by a gently push is all that is required to realign the spinal bones.

How do little kids get nerve irritation or spinal trauma?

A young spine, with very few exceptions, usually develops perfectly by the end of pregnancy. It’s what occurs around the time of birth and in the months thereafter which may upset the normal functioning of the spine and nervous system. Spinal segments can be pushed out of place or jammed by the position of the baby in the womb, or can suffer similar issues during labor or from the birthing process itself. Medical research has identified the fact that many problems in early life can stem from birth trauma, yet often goes undiagnosed.


Spinal problems may also occur as the result of frequent falls suffered by toddlers or infants in the first months of life. A fall from a bed, a sudden stop in a car, or any significant unsupported movement of the head and neck in an infant can induce excessive movement in the spine. At the opposite end of the spine, the act of learning to crawl and walk can cause trauma to the lower spinal segments and to the large joints of the pelvis.

How can I recognize spinal problems in my child?

Unless your child has an obvious problem, it can be tough for parents to recognize when a child has suffered small spinal traumas. It is not always easy for a doctor, unless they are a chiropractor who is highly trained in evaluating the spine, to determine if the child has a problem – similar to how determining if a child has a cavity is left to the trained tooth professional. Both cases take the skill of a specially trained expert to perform a thorough evaluation.

pediatric4There are some signs and signals that parents can look for which may be an indicator of a spinal or nervous system problem. Is your child’s head tilted to one side? Do they only turn to one side? Is their sleeping poor or interrupted? Does your young infant have difficulty feeding or do they prefer one breast over the other?

Some common disorders encountered in childhood can also indicate a spinal dysfunction. Persistent earaches or infections, sore throats, colic, headaches, bed wetting and growing pains are some of the more coming reasons for which parents bring their kids to their chiropractor.

Can’t my child’s pediatrician find these problems and fix them?

This is a very reasonable question for parents to ask, since our community generally considers the medical profession to hold the answers to all our healthcare needs. Unfortunately, when it comes to more subtle spinal problems, your child’s pediatrician is not a trained specialist. The medical profession does have doctors who specialize in spinal conditions, known as orthopedic surgeons, but these doctors are more focused on more serious spinal conditions. Few medical doctors are trained to recognize the subtle spinal problems that are evaluated and corrected with chiropractic.

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Success with Infant Acid Reflux

From the first day of my son's life he was always spitting up. At first I was told that this was normal for new babies but as the weeks progressed it became worse and worse and my baby became more and more distressed. It got to a point where he was crying every time he would spit up, every time he would lay down, and every time he would breastfeed. I took him to his paediatrician and he was put on medication for acid reflux. Not wanting my newborn to be medicated so early in life I sought out alternative treatments. I saw Dr. Levine to have my son and myself assessed. He first did a treatment on myself because I need to be in alignment first in order for him to accurately asses my son. The baby was then placed face up on my chest and assessed while I held him. His treatments were all done on my chest and were very gentle. Going into this I wasn’t sure if I really believed in chiropractic care for babies but when I saw my baby yawn and relax with each release I was more convinced in the process. After the first treatment my son slept very well and was very relaxed. Up until this point I had been supplementing with formula and struggling to keep up my milk supply. Results were more noticeable after the second treatment that same week. I realized I hadn’t needed to top him up with any formula since I had my first adjustment. The baby has since been spitting up significantly less amounts and isn’t in pain when it happens. He sleeps much more restful and doesn’t strain as much for bowel movements. He has less intense crying episodes in the evenings as well during his “witching hour” before bed. I have put all the bottles and formula away as my milk supply and flow has improved substantially. I highly recommend chiropractic care to any new mom and baby. Vita has been great to us. The ladies at the front desk are always so helpful when I come in with the kids and are eager to hold the baby if needed while I am treated. I never fully believed until now how much alignment can affect your health outside of back and neck concerns. S. Smith, mother

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