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Have you ever wanted to have a personal trainer with you whenever you need to do your exercises?

myrxX Now you have one.

Welcome to the wonderful world of My Prescribed Exercises, (MyRxX.com).

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Your exercises are accessible from any mobile device, iPad or your computer. Simply go to myrxx.com and login using your email and password (created your first time). Once you are logged in, click on My Workouts to follow along with your personalized program.

Your Doctor has prescribed a specific exercise routine for you to improve your condition; however it only works if you participate. To help keep you engaged, MyRxX will send you a motivational email each week reminding you to do your exercises. Your doctor is able to know how often you view your exercises and the last time you did them, which helps keeps you accountable and keep you on track.


Another great feature is Messaging. Whenever you want to send a private secure message simply write it, click send, and when your doctor logs in, he or she will be able to respond.

Your exercises will help you to build strength and flexibility which allows you to live a fuller, pain-free life.