"The Body knows Its' own path towards healing, I act as the facilitator to help You along the way." "I have always believed in this philosophy, that Our innate nature lies within and that through the body and mind union we can attain freedom from suffering, and enjoy happiness.
Over the past 22 years I have immersed myself in my own personal journey of health, wellness and self understanding, with the aim and commitment to serve others with authenticity, experience and compassion."
Born and raised in Toronto Andi D has been an Alternative Integrative Holistic Health CarePractitioner since 1993 when she graduated from Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy.
She has also been a Yoga and Meditation Practitioner since 1995. In 2002 she became a
certified Hatha Yoga teacher, and began to teach at the corporate and private level. This year in
2015 she traveled to India for the second time and received her certificate as a Meditation

Facilitator specializing in Mindfulness Practice.Andi D yoga
Andi's approach to bodywork is a three tiered focus; Breath, Body & Brain.

First we must understand and know how to breathe properly. The breath (in the Yoga Tradition) is considered our Life Force Energy (Prana), which is required for our brain and body systems to function fully and optimally. While breathing is an automatic force of all living creatures, not all of us breathe correctly or efficiently, resulting in poor exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which we need to nourish our blood and our brain. So first we learn how to breathe and how to use our breath in our daily life to assist us in our activities and endeavours.

Next we must experience our bodies as the miraculous tools they are and do as much as we
can to have them function optimally within our means - this is where she brings out her "tool
box" and uses the myriad of soft tissue techniques acquired and developed from over 20 years
of continuing education and hands on experience. Some of these techniques include Cranial
Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Neuro-Connective Energy Therapy, Chinese Myofascial
Cupping Massage, Yoga Therapy as well as traditional Swedish Massage Techniques.

Finally we integrate the brain and mind. We cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind.
The brain is the central hub of all our body systems, and the mind is made up of our thoughts
and perceptions. By creating an environment for the brain to function at its optimum levels we
take into account how our thoughts create our reality. Through understanding some basic
principles of eastern philosophy, stress and the brain, mindfulness practices and meditation
techniques, the Breath, Body & Brain approach to healthcare, along with a true willingness to
embrace change, is the way to a life of health, wellness and deep happiness.

Andi D has been a colleague and personal friend of Dr Scott Levine for more then a decade.
They have always shared a common view on health, wellness, nutrition, client care, personal/
professional development and now too the focus on Brain Based Bodywork.
"It is with extreme honour and excitement to be a part of his team Vita Health, as well as
continue my personal commitment to serve others in peace and happiness."
Monday 10am-1:30 Tuesday 2PM - 8PM - 7:00 (6:45 - 8 Meditation Class) Thursday 7:30AM-