Vita Brain + Body

A multisensory, multidisplinary approach to brain health.
Neuroplasticity is the ability for thebrain to grow based on new experiences.
Our approach to brain health is focused on utilizing this principle.

sensory brain

BrainBasedChiropractic: Our Chiropractors are trained to stimulate areas of the brain that are injured or under-aroused. Spinal adjusting techniques are modified based on EEG findings. Further we utilize cranial adjusting techniques to help restore normal cranial rhythms. Treatments include essential oils and tuning forks to help stimulate sensory systems. Following treatment patients will have a mindfit session to improve thinking patterns and neutralize stress.

BrainBasedBodywork: Our RMT’s utilize a number of proven modalities. Matrix Repatterning, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic drainage, and fascia work helps restore the body and brain connection.

BrainBasedNaturopathy: Our Naturopath focuses on the chemical approach to brain and body health. Depending on the severity we will test for food sensitivity, C-reactive protein, cortisol and hormone levels. We then may recommend elimination diets and nutraceuticals. We carefully select our supplements that are mostly transdermal allowing us to bypass the gut and absorb directly to the blood stream.

Neurofeedback (coming Winter 2016): Utilizing EEG neurofeedback allows us to drive brain frequency towards normal levels. Ordinarily we cannot reliably influence brainwave patterns because we lack awareness of that activity. However, when EEG biofeedback equipment allows us to see a representation of our brainwave activity, it allows us to influence this activity and reprogram the brain.

BrainBasedExercises:Movement patterns from balance to cross-crawl exercises help us improve brain co-ordination. When we re-educate the body, we help stimulate brain healing.

BrainBasedWorkshops: We have complimentary monthly workshop that educate patients on how to heal the brain. Brain health 101 focuses on how the brain works. Our series on chemical, physical and emotional stress teaches ways to make better choices, and our sleep class helps targets those that are having difficulty with sleeping.

MindFitStudio: Utilizing technology we take you from a Beta (alert) to a Theta (relaxed) state. This is when you are most susceptible to learning new subconscious programs. Our visualization programs range from PTSD to accelerated learning and can help improve poor thinking patterns.