Dr. Dario Mirian


Dr. Dario Mirian is a pioneering chiropractor, focusing in athletic performance, pain management and injury recovery/prevention. He graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in psychology. He discovered his passion in neuroscience while attending there and published in Schizophrenia Research. He completed his postgraduate studies in a doctorate of chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Dr. Mirian is a neurofunctional sports performance practitioner focusing on optimizing sports performance by addressing muscular inhibitions, postural imbalances, range of motion and aberrant movement patterns. He utilizes performance therapy to further enhance the body’s physical capacity to breakdown fibrous scar tissue, enhance mobility of your joints, enhance neuro-muscular function, sheltering the central nervous system’s performance accuracy and adapting to strenuous movements. Dr. Mirian renders unparalleled treatments through multiple modalities that encompasses a combination of soft tissue techniques, such as muscle release therapy, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, contemporary medical acupuncture, osteopathic techniques and spinal joint manipulation to enhance the results of his patients. Furthermore, Dr. Mirian has experience with professional athletes ranging from all sports or rigorous exercises, motor vehicle accidents, fractures, pre-and post-surgical rehabilitation and patients suffering from concussions. His treatments have helped many people that have suffered from acute to chronic pain.