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4 Options for Those Suffering From Hair Loss

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As Amy March said to Jo, her hair was her one true beauty. This is how many people feel about our own hair. Unlike many features, hair is one of the most obvious physical characteristics of a person and it can be obvious when people are losing their hair. Hair loss can be due to age, disease or medication and can make a person feel self-conscious. If you are suffering from hair loss and are looking for a way to regain your self-confidence, we have a few options for you.

1. Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair loss can be a temporary issue, but if it becomes more permanent, serious steps might need to be taken. Hair restoration Westchester County NY  can include treatments such as non-invasive hair grafts, hair fusion that weaves new strands onto existing hair and laser therapy treatment to stimulated hair growth. These treatments are for both men and women.

2. Hair Growth Drugs

There are several drugs available that are designed to fight pattern baldness or hereditary hair loss. If your father went bald and you are now going bald, then this is a treatment for you. Over-the-counter creams that are rubbed into the scalp can stimulate hair growth. There are also prescription pills that help grow hair. However, results are not universal and if you stop taking the pill, you may start losing your hair again.

3. Wigs and Hairpieces

Some people suffering from hair loss, especially if it is the result of medical treatments like chemotherapy, don’t want to take pills or have hair grafts. Simpler, yet effective, treatments are wigs and hairpieces. These are designed to cover the whole head and whatever hair you have, hiding what you don’t want to show. High-quality wigs made from natural hair look like it could be your own hair and you can style it the way you want to.

4. Hair Transplant

This treatment is a permanent fix to hair loss. Your dermatologist will determine if your bald area is able to grow hair and transplant healthy hair follicles from your scalp to the area that needs hair. This is a surgical procedure so you should do your research before going under the knife.

Hair loss is incredibly common and there are people with various hair thicknesses all around us. While society tends to think of baldness as an issue that only affects men, women too can have hair loss. The treatments discussed above can help you regain control over your hair and help you feel yourself again.

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