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6 Industries That Place People at Risk of Asbestos Exposure

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The number one cause of mesothelioma is industrial asbestos exposure. So, what is mesothelioma? Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer caused by repeated exposure to asbestos or products made with asbestos. Workers or people dealing with products made with asbestos are at a high risk of getting this form of cancer. But, what are the industries or occupations that place people at the risk of exposure?

Constructions Workers

There are thousands of products used in constructions that contain asbestos. Most roofing and flooring materials are made with asbestos placing more workers at risk of exposure. With the need for effective insulation and pipe fitting, more employees are being exposed to the effects of asbestos. Construction specialists such as electricians, plumbers, boilermakers, brick masons, and drywall installers are always at risk of exposure and may develop mesothelioma in the long run.


Workers in the shipyards are always at risk of being exposed to asbestos, as it is among the shipbuilding business’s crucial elements. If you are a machinist, electrician, painter, boilermaker, or pipefitter in the shipbuilding business, the risk of asbestos exposure is high.

Auto Mechanics

The effects of asbestos in auto mechanics are less discussed, but exposure risks are equally eminent. The brake linings, clutches, and gaskets have been made using asbestos for decades. For a mechanic, it is hard to tell which part contains asbestos, meaning that anyone can be exposed before, during, or after the repair and maintenance services have been provided.


The ability of asbestos to withstand heat is the major reason for its use by firefighters. However, asbestos becomes airborne as the materials around burn, leading to exposure. The risk is even higher if the firefighter has to charge into an older building that contains an array of dangerous or unknown compounds and materials. Despite its relevance, the need to reduce the risks of exposure is vital during firefighting.

HVAC Technicians

Old HVAC systems contain asbestos materials that might put the technicians at risk of exposure during repair or maintenance services. The risk is even higher during HVAC repair and maintenance services in older houses where asbestos was used in insulation. The longer the technician has been in the industry, the higher the probability of exposure, especially in home remodeling or improvement projects.


The constant need for effective farming tools and equipment over the years has created a loop where farmers can get exposed to asbestos. In most cases, poultry and dairy farmers need specific equipment to help raise the animals’ harvest. The required equipment is made with fewer asbestos elements, but with time the exposure increases, especially when effective maintenance services are not provided. In farming, secondary asbestos exposure is possible when dust and fibers from the equipment are transferred to clothing.

The knowledge about asbestos and the related effects to those exposed is vital. Such knowledge and understanding help you make informed decisions and take bold steps into protecting your workforce and company in the long run. As a worker, you want to be productive for as long as possible, which is why reducing the risk of asbestos exposure becomes imperative today.

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