Are Erections A Normal Part of Sleep?

An erection is simply the hardening of the penile sponge-like tissues in the male penis that occurs after blood fills the penile cavity. At times, an erection may even cause the penile skin to harden and stick away from the pubic area. Erections will usually go away on their own either spontaneously or after orgasm, either the involuntary release of seminal fluid through the urethra or after orgasm.

The majority of individuals experience occasional occurrences of erections that last for about 2 minutes or so. However, for some people, erections last much longer. If you’re experiencing unusually long lasting erections, it’s important to speak with your doctor. This could be caused by a condition known as Peyronie’s disease, which involves scarring of the spinal cord.

A typical explanation for occasional, short-lived erections is as a side effect of certain medicines, specifically nitroglycerin and some cardiovascular medications. Other possible explanations are a neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis or stroke, side effects of certain antidepressant drugs, and as a side effect of certain hormone therapy used to treat menopause. Occasionally, an individual may have random erections that don’t really mean anything. It could be due to the nerves not connecting the tip of your penis to your head. If your erection lasts for several hours, you should contact your doctor or visit for medical guidance to determine the cause of your random erections.

Getting erections out of the blue can happen to anyone. The key is to understand how and why they happen. For instance, sometimes getting erections is due to a physical problem. Your body is simply not getting the nutrients it needs due to some deficiency or other reason. As you begin to rebuild these nutrients, your sexual desire will naturally return.

Another common cause for random erections occurs when you sleep. When you go to sleep at night, your body goes into what is called a state of temporary inactivity known as hypnosis. Because of this, your brain becomes enthused with brain waves that are similar to the types of waves produced during orgasms. When your brain recognizes the similarity to orgasms, it causes your body to produce more testosterone – the male sex hormone. Because testosterone is essential for getting erections, if you are sleeping and have no erections, you need to make sure you’re eating right so that your levels of testosterone are high enough to trigger your body to produce more.

While the above examples may sound like they’re associated with bad things – that they are – they actually have nothing to do with each other. Ordinarily, each of these occurrences is perfectly normal. The only difference is that your body isn’t as motivated to have erections because it’s technically not “working” as it would be during a normal part of the day. If you have any of these conditions, you need to treat them immediately. Otherwise, they can lead to further issues that you’ll have to deal with on top of getting an erection when you’re most excited about having sex.

For men who are unable to have erections, they may find themselves feeling frustrated and even embarrassed. The primary cause for this problem is often inexperience in having sex. There are also many medical reasons for impotence. In some cases, the cause of erectile dysfunction is unknown.

An erection is simply a hardening of the penile spongy tissue that occurs when the skin-covered sponge-like tissues inside the penile penis fills with blood. Typically, such an erection leads to the penile enlargement and then the enlargement of the spongy tissue. Erections may go away all by itself or possibly after sexual arousal, especially after ejaculation. Or they may continue after the release of seminal fluid through the urethral opening, through the passage of urine. Sometimes, erections occur randomly during sexual arousal without any reason. These random erections are termed as nocturnal erections.

Erections happen when the circulatory system gets stimulated due to the presence of blood in the corpora cavernosa (the spongy tissue surrounding the penile chambers). The corpora cavernosa is stretched because of blood vessels that dilate inside it; the walls harden because of the constriction of blood vessels and the smooth muscle inside the spongy tissue stretches slightly causing the erectile chambers to become filled with more blood. The chambers then fill with more blood and the erectile organ becomes erect. Such a process may take several minutes and in some extreme circumstances, it may take hours.

There are several known factors that facilitate the occurrence of random erections. They include psychological factors like anxiety, novelty, expectations about outcomes, anticipation of sexual pleasures, erotic thoughts and fantasies and the arousal of lust. Also, masturbation with the use of a lubricant like water-based gel pad or oil or electric stimulation on the organ can cause erections. Another known factor that encourages the occurrence of spontaneous erections is the presence of a physical obstacle like the presence of a hemorrhoid or prostate or injury on the urinary or sexual organs. Finally, there is also the physiological factor of adequate amount of blood supply and adequate flow of semen into the penile chambers during the time of erection.

Intense arousal and desire for experimentation with a partner that stimulates the secretion of sufficient amount of testosterone in the body also lead to the occurrence of spontaneous erections. There is another known factor that helps men have erections regularly after puberty called the Wet Dream Syndrome. This phenomenon is related to the excessive secretion of testosterone hormone by the pituitary gland. This causes the testes to secrete more sperm and makes the male more capable of achieving powerful ejaculations. It is observed that young men reach puberty without experiencing the Wet dream condition.

If this is the case then there are only two known major factors that promote the occurrence of Erections. One is the presence of physical obstacle like the presence of a hemorrhoid or prostate or injury on the urinary or genital organs and the other is the psychological factor of adequate level of blood flow in the penile chambers during the time of erection. If the physical obstacle is not dealt with or treated then treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is unlikely to occur. However if you have an attack after puberty then a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is possible. However, you may need the help of a trained doctor to perform a proper diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction and suggest the right treatment that suits your condition best.

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