Cannabidiolic Acid Facts that You Need to Know


There is an acidic precursor available to CBD which is produced by the cannabis plant known as CBDA, and this can produce CBD through decarboxylation. FluxxLab CBD Products are also available which can offer a number of benefits to us.

However, so far neither the media nor the scientific research fraternity has shown enough interest on this compound of cannabis.

So, in this article we are providing 10 facts about CBDA which most of you must never have heard of.

  • CBDA can turn into CBD with decarboxylation

In fact, the raw hemp does not contain any CBD and therefore to obtain CBD, it is necessary to heat CBDA and the process is called decarboxylation.

  • CBDA will not interact with our ECS

CBDA does not interact with our ECS system like CBD as per the initial studies made on them but it can affect our other non-endocannabinoid receptors as well as enzymes.

  • CBDA can prevent cancer cells to spread

Preliminary research about CBDA indicates that it can offer potential therapeutic modality for abrogation of the cancer cell migration and also breast cancer.

  • More research needed despite its promising benefits

Few benefits of CBDA are quite obvious however so far, enough research has not been done on CBDA to prove its therapeutic benefits.

  • CBDA for epilepsy?

Few drugs company has observed that CBDA can also offer faster relief from epilepsy and they have also planning to market it as epilepsy medicine.

  • CBDA may prevent nausea feelings

Few studies have observed that CBDA can activate serotonin 5-HT1A receptor, which plays a big part in controlling the feelings of nausea and vomiting too.

  • CBDA for psychosis

Natural benefits of cannabinoids as regards to anxiety disorders are not at all a secret but more research need to be done to find the role of CBDA too.

  • CBDA can be anti-inflammatory

So far whatever research done is in its infancy stage about the role of CBD as anti-inflammatory drug, hence we are hopeful about it.

  • CBDA may help depression

Preliminary research is suggesting that CBDA too has mood-enhancing property just like CBD. We can keep our fingers crossed now.

  • CBDA and CBD can be winning combination

There is a possibility that by combining both CBD and CBDA, we may get much more benefits and a number of studies also suggest that very little amount of CBDA will be needed to obtain therapeutic effect as compared to CBD alone.

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