Cannabis Strains 101: A Review Of Acapulco Gold


Choosing between cannabis strains can be confusing for sure. After all, there are just too many options in every category. Acapulco Gold is among the most-loved strains and for different reasons. Known for its mood-elevating properties, Acapulco Gold is a sativa strain, which means that your experience with the strain is not going to be sleep-inducing for sure. Known to have first grown somewhere in Mexico, the demand for this strain has increased considerably in recent years among medical cannabis patients, partially also because it is rare. In fact, there are only selected dispensaries that sell Acapulco Gold. Here is our quick review.

The basics

For the unversed, sativa strains are known for enhancing mood and improving energy. That’s unlike Indica strains, which are great for relaxing and nighttime use. Just like most sativa strains, Acapulco Gold has a long grow period, so the process of harvesting is also long with better yields in case of outdoor grow. You may have heard of Acapulco Gold in many movies. The name of the strain comes from the golden pistils. When you touch the buds, it feels sticky because of the presence of resins. The flowers, which take time for full growth, have shades of green, and often brown.

What to expect?

There is a nice tough of aroma and sweetness in case of Acapulco Gold, while it’s hard to ignore the undertones that’s woodsy and citrus at best. The strain is known for its incredible ability to lift the mood, as we mentioned, so patients dealing with depression and having a medical cannabis card can definitely consider this. You are likely to feel happy almost immediately after smoking, which is why it is a preferred choice of many dealing with extreme anxiety. There is also a euphoria associated with Acapulco Gold, which is because of the THC concentration. Note that Acapulco Gold doesn’t cause sedative effects, so if you are looking for a strain that works for insomnia, this is not the option for you.

Final word

There’s no denying that Acapulco Gold remains a sativa favorite of many, and you can find it in selected dispensaries in Arizona, where budtenders can guide you better on the experience. There is an incredible happiness and feeling of calm without sleepiness that makes Acapulco Gold a true winner in its category, and the price demanded is totally worth it. Check online for cannabis dispensaries near you.

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