Everything About Fortuna Singapore

The fortuna singapore is well known as the top distributor of the majority of medical equipment and laboratory supplies that are Singapore based. This company is known to provide quality products to laboratories and hospitals that are located in Singapore. They also have a partnership with countries like Indonesia.

They were Established in the year 2003 and have developed fast to create a prominent spot for healthcare. The products they supply are instrumental when it comes to enhancing one’s diagnostic as well as therapeutic capabilities.

How they are famous

They are known for their revolutionary products. All the products carefully-chosen and are only purchased from advanced markets located in Europe and the USA. Besides the traditional products which come under the best ones, the company portfolio also includes many new disruptive products.


  • Ensure staffs are briefed and are well aware of the security rules that affect our and also activities
  • Educate the staff to play their part properly as well as stay alert when it comes to the preparedness to prevent as well as deal with unknown terror attacks

To conclude, it is this reason why fortuna singapore is the medical leasing company in Singapore.

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