Explore The Quick Facts of The Popular Hybrid Cannabis of The World – NYC Diesel


The most popular hybrid in the world – NYC Diesel originated in 1997. Based on the Soma Sacred Seeds facts, it was developed as strain and the actual stabilized version was completed in 1999. The entire name of NYC diesel is New York City diesel named after the 9/11 attack in 2001.

If you are in search of the NYC diesel strains or any of the other hybrid breeds, you can check out the Chronic Therapy, CO to try it yourself the effects of each of them. The NYC Diesel is popular because it is loved for its exotic smell, effects, and taste.

Let us refer to some quick facts of this breed.

The Genetics:

The NYC Diesel is genetically crossbreeding of 

  • Mexican strain: Today’s modern cannabis are the ancestors of this type of strain. They have been found from the Mexican coast till the California coast. They get the benefits of Sativa traits. 
  • Afghani Indica: These are the world’s first and oldest cannabis having reputation of Indica characteristics and resin production. They are developed for deep relaxation and sedating properties.

Odor and flavors:

It has the Sativa energy and gasoline smell of smooth vapor – a mix of diesel’s pungent odor and earth. The aroma it provides is a mixed bag of sweet citrus fruit of red grapefruit. The appearance is a lime green color with shiny crystals and light orange hairs.


It consists of caryophyllene terpenes, myrcene, and limonene.

Positive Effects:

You will have the following bag of effects when taken in the morning and provide energetic feelings to drive the world in high spirits. It speeds up the brain, opens up the doors of creativity of the artist in you.

Based on the research conducted among a few hundred people and based on their reviews the effects are as under.


Above 50% of reviewers experienced feelings of happiness, tranquil, calming, uplifted mood, euphoric effects. Many of them felt relaxed, full of energy and use it to enhance nightlife. 

  • Behavior: It was found that most of them had consumed to relieve stress, fight anxiety, come from the depressed state of mind.  
  • Medicinal: It helped in curing acute pain, nausea, boosting natural appetite.

Side Effects:

Every ingredient has its pros and cons, depending on how you are consuming it. The same goes for the NYC diesel too. Since it does not have paranoia issues similar to other Sativa buds, you won’t have many side effects other than headaches, dry eyes, cottonmouth. However, using extreme doses may lead to dizziness, increased anxiety and cause other complications.

Thus, if you are in the mood to give a high, open up your feelings without nervous break-down, NYC diesel is the right choice. With great benefits and without potential side effects, it has been the first choice for smokers too.

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