Get to Know Vein Disorder Types and Treatment Options

Many people suffer from some type of vein disorders in their legs. The disease accompanies pain and discomfort in the legs. However, it is a common but manageable disease. With the advancement in minimally invasive techniques, vein diseases and leg pain can be addressed with ease. People living near Illinois can visit Gilvydis Vein Clinic located in Sycamore and Geneva for a free screening. If you are anxious about your vein health, then seek diagnosis and treatment options from GVC doctors.

What is vein disorder?

Healthy veins carry impure blood from the feet to your heart. They need to be strong enough to combat the gravity force. Every vein has tiny valves, which tightly closes and does not allow blood to flow backward. Vein disorders occur when these valves fail completely or start to leak.

Types of vein disorders 

Varicose veins

When valves cannot function properly, blood starts accumulating in your legs. Large, protruding, and twisted veins start to form under your skin. The risk increases, if the person is overweight. Compression stockings can help a lot. Sclerotherapy is a successful treatment option.

Spider veins

When veins don’t function appropriately or due to increased pressure spindly branches that look like little blue, purple or red spiders appear under the skin. Sclerotherapy is a great cosmetic treatment option.

Deep Vein Thrombosis 

When a blood clot develops deep in a vein the person experiences heat, redness, pain, and swelling. DVT can be the result of immobility because of prolonged bed rest or the blood unable to clot properly. This can even cause Chronic Venous Insufficiency [CVI] or Pulmonary Embolism [PE].


When blood is unable to return to your heart because of the poor functioning of valves, it pools in your veins. Swelling, achiness, flakiness or itching in feet and legs are the symptoms that indicate, it is time to visit a doctor.


When all or some blood clot breaks it moves towards the lungs. The blood clots have to pass through the heart, which can be fatal. The person can experience breath shortness, chest pain, or coughing of blood. Blood thinners are used to treat this condition but there is a possibility extra serious treatment may be needed.

Vein treatment options

In vein clinics at Illinois, minimally invasive techniques like Sclerotherapy, Endovenous laser ablation, and Ultrasound vein mapping is used.

It is easy to get rid of vein disorders, contact the vein clinic in Geneva or Sycamore!

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