How Medical Programs and Resources Are Making a Difference to Veterans


Across the globe, veterans who served their respective countries with honour often face physical and mental health issues that can arise from combat and other military-related experiences. While governments do offer support, many veterans continue to struggle with their health and well-being, often left feeling forgotten and alone. However, this isn’t the case in Australia, where there are several medical programs and resources available to empower veterans. In this blog, we will explore how these programs are making a positive difference in the lives of Australian veterans.

One of the most important medical resources available to veterans in Australia is the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) health care program. This program provides entitled veterans with a range of medical services, including free consultations, hospital treatment, and pharmaceutical benefits. Additionally, the program offers veterans access to allied health services such as physiotherapy and counselling, which can help tackle existing health issues and prevent new ones.

Another impactful resource for veterans is the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS). This service provides free, confidential counselling for veterans, serving members of the Australian Defence Force, and their families. VVCS counsellors are highly trained and experienced in a variety of issues affecting veterans, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.

Many veterans have also found relief in alternative therapies like yoga and meditation. These practices are known for promoting mental and physical health while reducing stress and anxiety. Fortunately, a few organisations like the Veterans Care Association (VCA) and Yoga for Veterans offer free classes for veterans around Australia.

Furthermore, organisations offer community support services and activities for veterans, such as friendship clubs and employment and education assistance. These activities have proven to be a great way for veterans to maintain social connections while also boosting self-esteem, improving their mental and physical health.

Finally, veterans’ advocacy groups like the Helm Foundation have been working on raising awareness of the importance of mental health support for veterans. The Helm Foundation aims to provide assistance to veterans in need, including providing access to mental health professionals.

Veterans have selflessly risked their lives for their countries, and it is essential that they are supported when they return home. Australia’s Department of Veterans’ Affairs health care program, VVCS, alternative therapies, community support services, and veterans advocacy groups show the country’s strong commitment towards supporting our veterans. These resources provide veterans with the medical attention and emotional support they need to live full and healthy lives back home in Australia. We need to continue drawing attention to the issue of Veteran Medical service and work together as a society to support our veterans truly.

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