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Important Questions to Ask Your Surgeon before Lasik Treatment

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Lasik laser eye treatment is an advanced technology that is beneficial to improve diminished eyesight, so that you don’t have to wear lenses or spectacles anymore. This is done by reshaping the corner of the eye that helps the light to focus on the retina present in the back of the eye. Vision becomes clear and the person will not have any visibility issues to endure. In Springfield, experienced ophthalmologist Dr. John Frangie, M.D has helped innumerable patients to cure their visual problems forever.

If you decide to go for the treatment, it is important to ask few questions to ophthalmologist. You can clear your doubts and judge the creditability of the ophthalmologist as well. Moreover, knowing more about the treatment helps in understanding whether the treatment will be favorable to clear your blurry vision issues.

Here are the prime questions to ask your ophthalmologist:

  • What results you can expect after the laser eye treatment is done? Is it fully guaranteed? – Your doctor will explain the conditions that led to the visibility issues. Most probably they will provide desired answer to get full visual power, but the damage is severe and they are sure to suggest some other effective treatments like implantable contact lens.
  • Are there any risks involved in the treatment? – You may issues like your eyes are sensible to bright light, blurring visibility for few days dry eye issues that is sure to fade away in few days. While the problems persist, you can anytime ask your doctor to suggest remedies.
  • Are there any factors that may hinder the success of eye surgery like age and other health issues? – People above the age of 65 and kids less than 18 years may be unable to avail the benefits of this surgery. Individuals suffering from diabetes, autoimmune ailments are not eligible for this surgery.

  • Can consume medications for other ailments or health enhancing supplements in pre surgery or in post surgery phase? – Most probably the answer of the doctor depends upon the reason to consume the dosage of medications.
  • Do we need to take other eye treatment or again do Lasik treatment in future? – Along with our body our eyes age as well, thus there are chances in the future that you may need other kind of eye treatment.

While you are staying in or nearby Springfield, it will be best to visit the website johnfrangiemd.com. Here you will get the right answers for your queries and contact details of famous ophthalmologist.

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