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Knowing Medical Marijuana: Answering 3 Basic Questions

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Florida is among the states in the US that has approved medical marijuana. This means, if you have a medical marijuana card, you can legally buy cannabis in the state. To get your card, you must have a prescription for medical marijuana from a certified doctor, and then apply for your card. There are state-licensed dispensaries selling medical marijuana in Florida, which can also deliver supplies to your home on request. In this post, we are sharing pointers that are worth knowing.

  1. Is medical marijuana same as recreational cannabis?

No, both recreational and medical marijuana are same. In fact, medical marijuana is sourced from the same suppliers and growers. The only difference often lies in quality. When you buy cannabis from a known and trusted dispensary, you can expect to get the overall benefits you want.

  1. What are different types of cannabis flowers?

To buy medical marijuana, you need to have a basic idea about strains. Cannabis contains a long list of compounds called cannabinoids, of which THC is the only one that’s psychoactive. There are three categories of cannabis strains, namely Indica, sativa, and hybrids. Most flowers and buds are now hybrids, which typically have one dominant strain. Indica-dominant hybrids are more relaxing and calming, often recommended for chronic pain and insomnia. Sativa strains and hybrids are more energizing and are great for lifting mood and feelings. If you are new to medical marijuana, make sure that you ask the dispensary about all options.

  1. What are the alternatives to smoking?

People now have reservations about smoking cannabis, and if you are one of them, you can consider options like dabbing and edibles. Edibles are made by infusing food with cannabis, and since these must be digested for cannabinoids to take effect, the onset of “high” is much later. Start slow with cannabis edibles and check how it works for you. As for concentrates, consumed mostly through dabbing, these are best preserved for seasoned users. There are also topicals, which are meant for pain relief.

Buying cannabis

If you are looking for medical marijuana in Florida, find a dispensary that has a wider range of products, and don’t shy away from checking new strains and flowers. You can go for an Indica-dominant strain, depending on your condition. For dosage guidelines, talk to your doctor, but it is always best to go easy, so that you can understand cannabis and its effects.

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