Preliminary Instructions For Medical Check-Up In Singapore


Regular medical check-up keeps track of the health and maintains fitness. Periodical body scrutiny detects any disease before inflation for better precaution. Precious Medical Centre has fame among the best and affordable whole-body medical check up Singapore has. The test reports are unmatched worth their praise, but we should do several important things to approach them as patients.

Patient’s Instructions

  • Keep a window of 8 hours’ fasting for blood and sugar tests. The reports for the test would be available within a day.
  • Take your past medical reports and prescriptions for any current medication. Patients are advised to carry their regular medicines to show for medical checking.
  • Avoid jewelry and makeup while going for CT scan, USG, or MRI scans as the metallic parts may make the error.
  • Hydrate yourself to keep up with time. Wear comfortable clothing easy for physician’s checking and mechanical scanning.
  • If you have any health insurance, bring them along to claim the higher charges.

Patients can discuss new or persisting issues and problems. Prior appointments are available through call or online. Patients are advised to line up their number to avoid later confusion. Consultation for medication or opinion for further treatment is also available.

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