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Reviewing Supercritical CO2 Extraction Process For Making Cannabis Concentrates

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Many cannabis users still love the experience of smoking the flower, but with better extraction methods and increased interest, cannabis concentrates are emerging to be a popular alternative. A concentrate is exactly what the name suggests – Products that contain specific profile of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, besides terpenes and flavonoids. There are various methods used for making these concentrates, and the most popular one is called supercritical co2 extraction. In this post, we are discussing more onsupercritical co2 extraction.

The basics of supercritical co2 extraction

The process called supercritical co2 extraction has been used for making perfumes and other consumer products for a long time, but in the cannabis industry, the use is relatively new. It starts with getting carbon dioxide into a state called the ‘supercritical’, which is usually done using temperature & pressure. Supercriticalcarbon dioxide is known to have the qualities of being a gas and liquid, which adds to the process. The carbon dioxide acts like a liquid solvent, but the gas-like quality makes it useful for penetrating the flowers/extract better, compared to other solvents typically used for production of cannabis concentrates.

Benefits of the process

Considering the properties and nature of supercritical carbon dioxide, it works as a much better solvent for cannabis extracts and helps in getting more of the compounds and terpenes. These compounds called cannabinoids are desirable to the end user, while terpenes are natural oils in cannabis that add to taste and aroma. The best part of supercritical carbon dioxide is its nontoxic quality, and it is a renewable resource, so production with Co2 is pretty desirable.

On the flip side

The supercritical CO2 extraction process requires extensive work and using the right temperatures and pressures, so there are not many cannabis product manufacturers who can use this technique, or have the equipment for the same. Also, the process itself can take longer than many other extraction methods, which may add to the cost of the end product. Compared to BHO extraction, supercritical CO2 extraction is more expensive and labor intensive, but eventually, you can expect the concentrates to taste better and have a desirable cannabinoid profile.

Many dispensaries now stock concentrates in a separate category, so that buyers are more aware of the process. If you are a store owner and want to buy concentrates that are made using the supercritical CO2 extraction, make sure to select a reliable manufacturer.

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