The Importance of CBD in Clinical Practice

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved CBD in the United States for the treatment of cancer in 2020. It has been used to treat some of the most serious of illnesses for centuries. Medicine for all kinds of diseases has long used CBD as a drug to augment the effects of medication, stop symptoms and ease pain. Other more recent discoveries include some of the non-cancer uses of CBD.

Epilepsy. Although not classified as a disease by the FDA, there is much anecdotal evidence to suggest that CBD can help with seizure disorders. Whether this information will be accepted by the FDA or not is uncertain, but studies are being conducted. Treatment of products that are containd in custom boxes for CBD or the like is often the most popular choice of those who want to alleviate seizures.

Marijuana. Of all the well-known herbal medicines available, cannabis is probably the one with the most uncertainty surrounding it. You can get all the scientific information you need on the internet, but with medical cannabis there is much ambiguity about how much CBD there is in marijuana, and where it comes from. Only when there is enough science to support the use of this medicine will it become legal in all states.

Chemotherapy. In theory, chemotherapy should have few side effects and is often used in conjunction with a patient’s healthy diet to minimize side effects. Some researchers believe CBD may have anti-cancer properties. This speculation is still being examined. Until the evidence is more convincing, CBD cannot be considered a drug to avoid when receiving chemotherapy.

Colon Cancer. CBD is thought to reduce the amount of time that an infected colon has to do its job killing off harmful organisms. Although the actual function of CBD in this instance is not known, CBD is thought to lower the amount of aggressive infection a colon has to deal with.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy. If CBD does have any anti-cancer properties, it may not work as well for chemotherapy as for many other medical treatments.

The bottom line is that there is no conclusive evidence that CBD is any better than other cancer treatments. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that CBD has a few side effects in these cases, but this evidence needs to be studied in more detail before it can be used as a basis for recommendations. Ultimately, the best choice will be based on the specific condition and the doctor’s recommendation.

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