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Ultra-successful COVID Staffing Agencies

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is having multi-faceted and far-reaching impact on human society. On the one hand, the loss of lives and the health implications for infected people have reached tragic proportions. On the other hand, there has been a huge economic fallout as a result of people losing their jobs and not finding new ones.

People across the entire spectrum of skill levels ranging from low to high, in various industries and at different stages of their careers have lost their jobs. They need help finding new jobs, even if these opportunities are sometimes temporary ones. COVID staffing agencies need to be extra careful since this is an unprecedented situation and they may often be required to move across uncharted territory.

Businesses should keep in mind that this is a difficult time for everyone, including their employees. They should focus on retaining their staff as far as possible. They should also offer incentives such as work from home options, tax benefits and performance bonuses, to name just a few. But in spite of all this, some layoffs and terminations are inevitable. This is where COVID staffing agencies come in.

Key factors for staffing agencies during COVID-19

  • Perhaps the most important factors a staffing agency should keep in mind are empathy and compassion. It is bad to lose to lose one’s job in any situation. It is probably 10 times worse to lose it in an economic climate where the chances of being re-hired are slim.
  • Staffing agencies should be willing to go the extra mile to protect their employees as well as job applicants not just from infection from the virus but also from the economic backlash of the pandemic.
  • The priority of agencies should be to match applicants with their best possible job options, even if they happen to be temporary.
  • They should be especially careful about finding candidates optimum benefits, especially medical benefits.
  • Staffing agencies should research flexibility of hours, work from home options and shift rotations for different jobs to get candidates the best possible deals.
  • They should also stay updated on COVID-19 testing outcomes for potential candidates for jobs in order to prevent spread of the infection.

With jobs of people in all sectors being affected by the pandemic, staffing agencies are key determinants in recruitment drives. They can contribute greatly by keeping workplaces supplied with optimum talent and connecting jobseekers to the right opportunities.

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