What Are The Common Types Of Cannabis Concentrates


Among the cannabis users, concentrates are all the rage for them. Concentrates are derived from plants using a variety of extraction methods. The method of extraction aids in classifying types of cannabis concentratesSome of the common concentrates are listed below:

  • Live Resin-

Generally, all cannabis extracts come from dry plants. However, live resins have a unique process that includes freezing the entire plant before extraction. They have high terpene concentration. Due to its strong flavour, it is popular among people with expensive taste preferences.

  • Shatter

It is preferable due to the best price and potency combination. The glass-like appearance usually comes in clear or amber colour. On the other hand, dark colour shatter is considered impure. It is typically extracted using BHO (butane), which is detrimental to health. Hence, it is recommended to buy shatter from trusted brands.

  • Wax-

These types of cannabis concentrates come in a sticky form. Extracted using BHO, their colour may vary and hint towards its quality. They possess a high THC content. Nevertheless, the wax is difficult to handle due to its sticky texture.

  • Rosin-

Unlike other cannabis concentrates, its extraction process is different. Rosin is not prepared using any solvents. Rather, the process involves applying pressure and heat to dry cannabis buds. They tend to retain natural terpene content and strong flavour. Dabbers prefer it for purity, high potency, and alluring flavour.

  • Co2 Oil-

Cannabis oil comes in different forms. Most Co2 are made using Co2and are available in runny texture. Generally, they are sold in dispensaries in the form of vape pens or vape cartridges. Due to the low-temperature extraction process, its natural flavours are retained.

  • Distillate-

The distillate is among the recent concentrates of cannabis. They are the most potent of all. Unlike wax or shatter, which has 40-70% of THC, distillate can consist of 99% THC. This concentration does not include any wax, terpenes, or other compounds. Due to the high THC concentration, they are expensive.

The evolution in the cannabis industry has been subtle yet significant. The paradigm shift from a highly potent concentration to a strong flavour profile has led to many changes. Moreover, technology has introduced various extraction processes, which adds to the user’s convenience. Different types of concentrate offer a wide range of choices to the customers. There are high potency, various flavours, and pricing; several factors must be considered before selecting the right concentrate.

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