What are the Effects of Aging on Skin? And Reasons for Premature Skin Aging

It is a fact that our skin ages as we grow old. The outer layer of the body is adversely affected by many environmental elements and because of the body functions as well. Thanks to 醫學美容 millions of people are able to take care of their aging skin and stay safe from skin health problems.

Why the skin change while aging?

You can list many causes that affect the skin texture and sometimes have adverse effects on it resulting in the person falling prey to skin problems. For example, since you are born, your skin is subjected to harsh weather conditions. The other major elements bringing changes while the skin ages are your health problems, lifestyle, daily diet, and abnormality in body functions are sure to have negative effects on the skin as you age.

There are multiple causes that contribute to aging of skin and you find yourself seeking help of 醫美. The regular visits to Retens medical in Hong Kong provide an insight into the right ways to take care of your aging skin and to get rid of skin problems with ease.

What changes can be seen on the skin with age?

  • The skin smoothness reduces and it is rough to touch.
  • There are chances of skin tumour or cancer symptoms.
  • The skin seems to be saggy or slack. This is because of the loss of elastic tissue that makes the skin lose its firmness.
  • The thinning of the epidermis, which is the upper layer of the skin makes it look transparent.
  • Skin becomes fragile thus easily gets scratched, bruised and turns red. It even happens because of the blood vessel walls of the skin.
  • Sometimes people have leaner look as the fat cells present behind the epidermis reduce to a great extent. Sometimes people have skeletal appearance.
  • Bone or cartilage loss under the skin makes the person look quite old and drooping

Some major elements that cause the aging of skin prematurely:

  • The sun’s ultraviolet is the real culprit as it damages the elastin. This leads to varied problems like sagging of skin, drying and bruising. The UV rays can even be involved in causing skin cancer. The regular application of sunscreen lotion having zinc oxide as the main ingredient will be quite helpful to reduce the negative effects of UV rays. Many people try to wear summer coats and use a scarf to cover their face while going out on hot days.
  • Smoking causes wrinkles on the skin. The face looks tired and over-aged. Even it causes dry skin leading to itching and irritation of the skin.
  • Unbalanced diet, sleepless nights, excessive alcohol consumption, usage of abused drugs and not being fit leads to aging of the skin.

All the problems of aging skin can be avoided by regularly following the suggestions of 醫學美容中心 is the most appropriate way to adapt. You can enjoy good youthful skin by getting treated by a skilled dermatologist or by Retens aesthetic team.

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