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What Is Kratom? All You Wanted To Know About Kratom!

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There are numerous herbal supplements and plant-based products that have been used in traditional medicine. Kratom is one of them. Also called Mitragynaspeciose, kratom is a plant that’s native to Southeast Asia. It is mostly found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. It belongs to the same species or family as gardenia and coffee. Much like other plants, there are different types of kratom, and each one is unique in its own ways. So, why is kratom so popular? We have a guide below on the basics!

The popularity and uses of kratom

It is important to understand that the dosage of kratom determines the effect it would have on a person’s body. Again, no two people experience the same things with herbal supplements and remedies, and kratom is no different. Kratom in lower doses is often recommended as a mild stimulant. In traditional medicine, it has been used in low doses of less than 5 gram to treat upset stomach, pain, and inflammation. In higher doses, kratom creates a more opioid-like high and a sense of euphoria. The effects of lower doses go away in less than two hours, but when taken in higher doses of 6 grams or more, kratom can cause euphoria for hours, although definitely less intense than opioids.

To sum up, kratom can be used as a supplement to reduce pain and as a mild stimulant in low doses, while in other cases, it can be used to reduce dependency on opiates.

Is kratom safe?

With any product that can cause euphoria and a high, there are always side effects to be considered. FDA has not approved kratom for any medical use, but people have been using it to get relief from pain for years now. In fact, it is one of the top herbal supplements used in the US. As an opioid alternative, kratom has been used in many cases, but it’s not a cure-all option for sure. As long as you are using kratom for the right reasons and in the right dosage, you shouldn’t have any major issues. Also, don’t use it on a regular basis, because you can actually get dependent on it. If you take kratom in low doses, it may be possible to sleep better, but more studies are required.

If you want to buy kratom leaves or tea, check online and always buy from a reliable and known source.

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