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Why Cannabis Products Should be Tested in a Third-Party Laboratory

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Cannabis offers a lot of benefits and cannabis products need to have information on their strength and dosage. International organizations are developing regulations and standards for acceptable limits of certain compounds to make sure cannabis products are safe for human consumption. This is one of the reasons they are tested in a third-party laboratory such as Nordic Analytical Laboratories. Nordic can test both recreational and medical marijuana. It can help you determine the testing service that suits your specific needs. Nordic also tests cannabis to offer consumers an idea of a cannabis product’s potency.

Ensuring Consumer Safety

Cannabis goes through a long journey from being harvested to being processed before they finally end up on the shelf as a packaged retail product. In every stage of their journey, they are exposed to various sources of contaminants. The soil the cannabis plant is planted in can absorb heavy metals that can be concentrated in the plant. Cannabis has natural moisture that can foster microbial growth. There is a possibility that pesticides and processing chemicals can be left behind at unsafe levels. Any possible contaminant can pose a risk to consumers’ health. Cannabis testing makes sure that the cannabis product you are offering is free of contaminants and safe for consumption.

Maintaining Quality Control and Assurance

Consumers are looking for products that can be dosed easily and that offer predictable effects. With cannabis testing, you can place a number of characteristics such as potency to make sure your customers know exactly what they are getting. In some laboratories, you can get quality assurance testing to improve your processes and prevent regulation problems down the road.

Testing cannabis is the only way to determine the cannabinoid makeup and terpene profile of a cannabis product. Consumers consider these variables when choosing a cannabis product for specific effects because they influence their experience.

Choosing a Testing Laboratory

When choosing a cannabis testing laboratory, opt for one that is operated by knowledgeable professionals who specialize in chemistry. The right lab operator develops and validates their own methods that are unique to what they are testing. The testers must have the experience necessary to produce accurate results and adjust their methods based on various kinds of samples submitted.

Moreover, you must also pay attention to customer service. Ensure the account represents have knowledge of the most updated regulations and can guide you on the exact analyses you need for your cannabis products. They should be willing to work with you when formulating your methods or help you determine a potential source of contamination in your product. The best cannabis testing lab will guide you from cultivation and production to sale.

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