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Why Is Eyecare Important- opthalmologist

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Eyecare is very important. Poor vision causes hindrance while driving, reading, watching tv or cooking. If diagnosed early, many of these problems can be treated effectively. Every eye care professional monitors the eyes for any vision problems or eye-related diseases. These check-ups determine whether you need full-time/occasional glasses or lenses.

Ways through which you can guard your vision

  •  Be aware of your kin’s eye fitness history
  • Manage your weight, Stay healthy
  • Take dilated eye test
  • Eat right- Keep your diet healthy and eat lots of green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach or collard greens, or things high in omega-three such as fish.
  • Do not smoke
  • Wear shielding eyewear while using mobile phones, laptops, computer, or watching tv or working around the house.
  • Wear glasses that shield your eyes from UVB and UVA radiation and blocks 99-100 per cent of it.
  • To avoid the danger of infection, you must clean your lenses and hands properly.
  • Practice eye safety at the workplace.

What is an opthalmologist?

An opthalmologist is a medical expert whose speciality is vision and eye care. They are trained to treat and diagnose infection and conduct eye tests and eye surgery and prescribe medicines.

Ophthalmologists receive extensive training with five years of medical school training in medicine and two years as a freshly elected doctor accompanied by seven years of training in ophthalmia.

Why is it important to take care of your eyes?

  1. Taking good care of your eyes helps you fight against eye infection. Some best antioxidant for keeping healthy eyes are- consuming zinc, vitamin E and C, zeaxanthin and lutein, and omega-three fatty acid.
  2. Taking good eye care avoids eye injury. Putting the correct kind of eyewear in your lifestyle will alleviate ninety per cent of eye injuries as it not only affects your eyes but your overall well-being.
  3. Taking good care of your eyes will keep you informed of your visions. Even if your vision shifts after taking care, you should consult your eye doctor.

Hints to get new glasses

  • Unusual blinking of eyes at times it wouldn’t.
  • Blurry vision at a certain distance.
  • Keeping one eye shut while watching TV or using any screen.

Your eyes are a vital organ of your body to carry out your everyday chores beyond vision.

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